Make custom sites in minutes

Tidy is optimised for fast production. No coding needed. Change everything with a few clicks

No coding needed

Create templates fast using the drag & drop UI.

Tidy’s or your templates

Start with one of the many Tidy templates or easily use your own.

Customise with blocks

Customise the template in seconds by adding content blocks from the library.

Extend with modules

Tidy provides one-click-install modules for the most common needs like image galleries and sliders, forms, news, blogs and product lists.

Change the look with a click

With the global styles you can completely change the appearance of a site in seconds.

Reuse everything

Easily reuse blocks, styles, templates and even entire sites. Make once, duplicate a hundred times.

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Tidy's key features & benefits

1. Speed up or fully automate website production

2. Increase your sales

3. Replace current platform

Create websites fast

Spend 30 minutes/website without compromising on quality.

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Semi-automatic creation

Move content from an existing site to a new template with a few clicks

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Auto-create websites

Auto-create websites using a content source, like a CRM

More on auto-creation
Increase agency sales

Auto-creation enables a new, more efficient sales model

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Import 1000s of sites

Auto-creation enables a new, more efficient sales model

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Alternatively you can code it all yourself

You can build the entire website without ever leaving the Tidy code editor.

Full source code access

Tidy doesn’t place any restrictions on what you can do with the source code.

Use Vue.js & any JS library

You can extend Tidy using any 3rd party JavaScript library. As Tidy uses Vue.js to render pages, all Vue features are also available in Tidy.

JS API to build your own components

The JS API provides access to everything in your website (templates, pages, content, files etc.) and enables you to build your own components.

Host wherever you want

If don’t want Tidy hosting with Nginx speed optimisation, Tidy uploads your site to any host you choose.

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