Increasing your agency's sales

There are two ways in which Tidy can increase your sales.

Offering a better product

Easier to use, more flexible, better SEO, secure and reliable, localized...

A new sales concept

Where the site is created before the customer is contacted for the first time.

For more info on selling a better product, see general customer benefits. This page is about the new concept.

Tidy offers two ways to create websites in advance.

Fully automated

Create websites automatically using a data source.


Move content form an existing website to a new template with a few clicks.

Auto-create websites

Create thousands of sites either from a data source or with crawled data

How it works

Tidy can generate custom websites based on data from an external source. This source can be a database, a CRM with and API, PIM (Product Information Management System), an Excel spreadsheet or a CSV file, anything that contains structured data.

Based on the data Tidy can generate highly customised websites with different:

  • templates
  • modules and widgets
  • pages
  • content
  • users

all of them auto-generated based on the data.

Using a crawler to get the data

If you don’t have the data yet, you can use Tidy’s crawler to get it. You could for example tell Tidy to automatically create websites for all restaurants in your local area based on data fetched from Google Maps. The result would be a unique website for every restaurant, populated with contact info, images, reviews…any data Google Maps has to offer.

The ultimate use case would be to completely automatically create new websites based on existing websites. Tidy would just fetch the content from the existing sites and put them in a new template. This too is possible if the existing sites have the layout same structure = uses the same template. We could for example automatically create new websites based on the over a million websites that users the WordPress template Twenty Sixteen.

Use cases

Make first, call later

Automatically generate websites for your prospects in advance, then call them and close the deal.

Generate a lot of websites for one client

Suppose a retail customer wants individual websites for all their 200 stores. Give Tidy the data on the stores and generate all the sites in a few minutes.

Generate a lot of different landing pages for SEO

Same use case as the example above, but instead you generate micro sites with slight variations of keywords.

Only available for select partners

The auto-generation features are not publicly available, but only offered to select partners. Contact us to become one, for example with the form below.

Re-design and move an entire website in minutes

Use the Tidy Content Builder to create a new website with the content of an existing site.



Re-design in a few minutes

The idea is to move existing content to a new template. It takes just a few minutes.

Easy UI

Click the content and click where you want to move it.

More speed with automation

If several pages has the same content area, you only need to choose it once.

Partners only for now

The content builder is only available for select partners.

Please, contact us for more information

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