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A website mass production platform

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Tidy's key features & benefits

1. Speed up or fully automate website production

2. Increase your sales

3. Replace current platform

Create websites fast

Spend 30 minutes/website without compromising on quality.

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Semi-automatic creation

Move content from an existing site to a new template with a few clicks

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Auto-create websites

Auto-create websites using a content source, like a CRM

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Increase agency sales

Auto-creation enables a new, more efficient sales model

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Import 1000s of sites

Auto-creation enables a new, more efficient sales model

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Tidy is a website builder made for high-volume agencies. Tidy increases your agency's sales and cuts its production costs.

In this case our client had a database with large amounts of information on 48 000 hotels.

We created some pretty hotel templates, integrated Tidy with the database and created 48 000 hotel websites automatically. Tidy makes 6 sites/minute so it took about 5 days.

The sites were populated with unique hotel specific content (text and images) and are ready to publish without any manual work. Now our client is selling these sites to the hotels.

The same mechanism can be used to auto-generate sites based on any structured data. It can even be crawled from the web.

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Pre-sales production and CRM

A website mass producer integrated Tidy into its workflow and connected Tidy to their CRM so that they can create websites by clicking on a CRM button.

The sales agent can move the content from a sales prospect's existing website to a new template in Tidy with a few clicks. This means that before the sales

agent calls the prospect for the first time, he creates a brand new, modern, good looking website with the same content as the prospect's existing site. It takes him about a minute.

He then calls the customer, asks him to look at his new, already made website and closes the deal.

Sell more sites and products

Automate your sales and get Tidy to sell your products for you

Sell more websites

With Tidy you can offer your clients websites that sells more of of your clients’ products.

Sell more of your other products

Tidy can be taught to automatically recommend whatever products you have to sell to your clients.

Make your clients succeed

By using big data to recommend the right product mix to the right customers, Tidy helps both you and your clients succeed.

Boost sales with money back guarantee

Dare to offer money back guarantee if your product doesn’t make your client more money than what it costs.

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Speed up your production

Tidy offers 2 conventional and 5 revolutionary ways to create websites.

Create new websites

Start from scratch or with a template

Drag & drop

Create websites without coding.

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Code it yourself

Tidy gives you full source code access

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Import everything or just the content. From any other platform.

Migrate an entire website

Import a single website including the layout with a few clicks.

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Migrate website content to a new template

Import just the content and transfer it to a new Tidy template with a few clicks.

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Migrate all of your websites automatically

We can make you a custom importer that imports all your sites and improves them in the process.

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Auto-create websites

Create websites automatically based on data from an external source.

Auto-create websites based on existing data

Tidy can create websites and populate them with content from a file, a database or using an API.

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Auto-create websites based on crawled data

If you don't have the data yet, our crawler can get it for you.

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Looks and works well with your brand

Easily customise Tidy to your own workflow, integrate with existing systems and completely rebrand it.

Tidy UI is customisable

You can customise the Tidy UI yourself to better meet the demands of your team.

Integrate with Tidy API

Tidy provides a full API, for easy integration to your existing systems.

White labeling

The UI, the emails Tidy sends and the client help pages can all be customised to your brand.

Team and multisite management

Easily make changes to multiple sites and team members.

Share resources

When you share resources (like modules) between websites and make changes to them, they automatically update on every website.

Manage multiple teams

You can create/belong to as many teams as you like and manage team settings and resources in one place.

Completely stress-free

No updates, no maintenance, no downtime, auto-scaling... It’s all been taken care of.

No updates or maintenance

The Tidy editor is always served as SaaS from our servers. It updates automatically on every login.

No downtime

Tidy servers run on Amazon with separate fail-safe, duplicated server clusters for the editor, database, API and client sites.


All parts of the server stack is load balanced and more servers are automatically added when needed.

Fast loading and device optimised

Tidy automatically minimises and optimises code, styles and assets for each device. Naturally all templates and blocks are responsive.


Tidy produces sites made out of static html, which are extremely hard to hack. The editor itself is protected with several security layers.

No vendor lock

You can easily export content and layout separately, if you want to import them to another CMS.

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