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Versatile, extendable and fast, but easy for clients.

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Full source code access

Tidy doesn’t place any restrictions on what you can do with the source code.

Use VueJS + any JS library

You can extend Tidy using any 3rd party JavaScript library. Tidy uses Vue.js to render pages. All Vue features are also available in Tidy.

JS API to build your own components

The JS API provides access to everything in your website (templates, pages, content, files etc.) and enables you to build your own components.

The basics are already covered

Caching, loading speed optimisation, security, SEO... no need for plugins for the basic stuff, they are all included.

Easy & fast hosting

Buy Tidy hosting with one click, or make Tidy automatically upload the site to any host you want.

Build sites with resusable templates and blocks

Tidy supports file includes out of the box and configuring your own reusable building blocks.

Fast loading, search engine optimised

Both code and images are automatically optimised for fast loading.

Nginx page speed module

If you choose to host with Tidy, we will run your site through the Nginx page speed module that optimises your site in about 30 different ways.

100/100 Google Page Speed Insights

We’re always aiming for full points with our templates, and we help you get there with yours.

Fully configurable metadata

Add all the metadata you want. You, or your client can configure them on template level.

Powerful templates

Tidy renders pages with Vue.js so all Vue features are also available in Tidy. It is also used for templating with Tidy.

Tidy doesn't stand in your way

We included a lot of useful features in Tidy, but you can go ahead and make Tidy work for yourself the best way you see fit.

You choose what content is editable and to what extent

Want editors only to edit texts content - no formatting? Want some images be editable but not all? No problem. You have the control.

Easily show dynamic data

Show a list of pages, products or whatever you need to build your site. Use markup best suited for your cause.

File includes included

Easy includes to make managing your templates easy

See the documentation

Completely stress-free

No updates, no maintenance, no downtime, auto-scaling... It’s all been taken care of.

No updates or maintenance

The Tidy editor is always served as SaaS from our servers. It updates automatically on every login.

No downtime

Tidy servers run on Amazon with separate fail-safe, duplicated server clusters for the editor, database, API and client sites.


All parts of the server stack is load balanced and more servers are automatically added when needed.

Fast loading and device optimised

Tidy automatically minimises and optimises code, styles and assets for each device. Naturally all templates and blocks are responsive.


Tidy produces sites made out of static html, which are extremely hard to hack. The editor itself is protected with several security layers.

No vendor lock

You can easily export content and layout separately, if you want to import them to another CMS.

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The Tidybot helps you build better websites

Get data based recommendations on how to improve your site.

Make better websites

The Tidybot analyses your code and recommends improvements to build the perfect website. Tidy checks for usability, image sizes, SEO, conversion optimisation etc.

Help your clients succeed

The Tidybot also analyses visitor data and recommends improvements to help the website reach its goals, like sell more products, get more leads, view more pages etc.

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Style and fine tune effortlessly

Change the appearance of the whole site with a few clicks and preview the results in one glance.

Tidy’s or your templates

Start with one of the many Tidy templates, build your own or easily use a site you've already made.

Style experiments with one click

With the global styles you can completely change the appearance of a site and content blocks in seconds. Changing one main color potentially changes the whole theme of your site.

Fine tuning enabled

Adjust the finer details of the layout and styles with Tidy’s properties panels or directly in the code. Adjust margins, paddings, background - whatever you need. Advanced users can easily use CSS-styles to customize individual blocks.

Use whatever framework you want

Bootstrap, Foundation, Skeleton...or even your own framework.

Designing with Tidy

Speed up site production, increase your agency’s sales

Tidy is developed in close co-operation with small and large agencies.

White labeling

The UI, the emails Tidy sends and the client help pages can all be customised to your brand.

Team and multi-site management

Share resources between teams and sites, update multiple sites at once.

Integrate and customise

Easily customise Tidy to suit your workflow and use the API to integrate with your existing systems.

Sales increasing AI

Sell more of products by helping your clients reach their goals.

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