Customer benefits

Key features

Easy to use

Especially for your client with easy inline content editing.

Extremely flexible

You can fulfill any dreams your customers may have, as long as you use HTML, CSS and JS.

Search Engine Optimised

Technically optimised to please Google and gives you full control over URLs, meta tags etc.

Secure and reliable

Produces static HTML files and runs on replicated, auto-scaling Amazon servers.

Adapt Tidy to your clients' needs

Control what you client can do and even customise the Tidy UI if you like


Powerful language version tools and an easy-to-localise UI


Very simple and straight forward, one fee includes everything.

Easy client UI

Inline editing

Full WYSIWYG editor. Click on text to edit, type new, save.

Highlight editable fields

As the client hovers over elements on the page, editable elements are highlighted.

Adding pages

You can configure how pages are added. The client has to choose "Add news" and a page with the right template and settings is added to the right place.

Image management

Images are managed in an easy drag & drop interface and can be dragged directly from the desktop to the browser.


Images added by the client are automatically resized and optimised for web use.


You can set image dimensions and the client sees a crop window if he tries to add an image with wrong dimensions.

Easy file management

Reorder, upload, delete and rename files with a familliar file tree interface.

Fulfill your customers' wildest dreams with endless flexibility

No limits

Whatever you can do with HTML and JS, you can do with Tidy.

Full source code access

Tidy lets you change everything in the HTML and doesn’t add anything on its own. You have full control.

Examples of what you can customise

Templates, bontent, blocks, styles, modules, widgets, metadata, URLs, page types etc.

Add any 3rd party JS library

As you have full HTML access and you can add any JavaScript (external or own) you like.

Examples of embeddable libraries

Commenting, galleries, sliders, reservation systems, charts, form functions, surveys, animations, analytics, heat maps, grids, image and scrolling effects etc.

Write your own components

Tidy provides a JavaScript API that you can use to access your website data when you write your components.

Pick your own server

Tidy offers hosting but it's also possible to push the sites using FTPS to any server you choose.

Better search engine rankings

Loads fast

Tidy produces fast loading, static HTML, optimised on the fly by the PageSpeed module

Google PageSpeed index

Websites are optimised to get full points in the Google PageSpeed index.

Fully customizable, unlimited meta tags

Titles, title schemes and meta tags are fully customizable. You can, for example, add Open Graph and Twitter tags, whatever you like.

Automatic Google sitemaps

Tidy automatically generates Google sitemaps for easier indexing.

Clean, customizable URLs

Tidy doesn't add any query parameters and you can configure the URLs however you like.

Clean customizable markup

The code in Tidy templates and content blocks is clean and easily indexable like you've written it yourself.

Automatic redirects

If you have multiple domains, Tidy will redirect users and search engines using rel="canonical"

Everything is included by default

No need to install and maintain any modules like caching and SEO, it's all included from the start.

Secure and reliable

We eat our own dog food is naturally made with Tidy and runs on the same servers as your sites.

High capacity and availability

Tidy’s servers are grouped in high performing server clusters guaranteeing high availability. Tidy uses Amazon, Google and Linode for its servers, Amazon S3 as storage and Amazon RDS for the databases.

No maintenance

As the Tidy UI is SaaS, it's always up to date. You never have to install any updates.


Tidy produces static HTML files, which are virtually unhackable. The Tidy core is protected with multiple robust security layers. All new Tidy features need to pass a security audit before they are published.

Backups, undo and version control


Your website is backed up daily.

Undo (coming up)

Full ctrl/cmd+Z support for (almost) everything you do.

Version control (coming up)

Every time you save a new version (of the page, template, style) is created and you can easily roll back to a previous version.

Adapt Tidy to your clients' needs

Editable fields

You control what the client can edit.

Adding new pages

You control if, where and what pages the client can add.

Styling content

You can specify what style controls (if any at all) the editable content element offers the client.

Intelligent placeholders

A placeholder can be set for each editable content element. If the client leaves the element empty, you decide if the placeholder is shown or if the empty HTML element is hidden.

Required content

You can force the client to fill out the content elements you specify.

Customise the UI

You can even customise the Tidy UI to better suit your clients needs


Website language versions

Language versions are creating using different root folders (

Creating new language versions (coming up)

You can copy the page structure of one language and use it as a base for another language.

Linkin pages together (coming up)

You can link pages together so that end users can jump directly to the corresponding page in another language.

UI language versions

Currently Tidy supports English, Russian, Finnish and Swedish, but you can easily add languages (or improve our translations) with a simple translation file.


You may price as you like

You can bill your clients whatever you want

Simple and straight forward pricing

One monthly fee includes all features

Super features might appear

All the basic modules you'd expect to find on a website are included in the price. If we come up with something really spectacular features we might price them separately. So far all features are included in the license fee.

This was a listing of the customer benefits.

For agency benefits, take a look at Fast site Creation or All Features

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