rainmaker digital uses Tidy to generate, optimize and publish unprecedented hotel websites



A partner with a clear vision + Tidy + seamless integration = Unprecedented hotel websites with ease.

A complete eco-system for the African Hospitality and Tourism Industry

rainmaker digital, a digital marketing agency in Namibia is focused on accelerating the occupancy, revenue, reputation and profit of hospitality and tourism providers in Africa. They have created a proven and time tested digital platform for the local in-destination businesses. An integral part of it, is to deliver state of the art optimized websites based on the core Tidy technology and run on the Google Cloud Platform.

Highly efficient website creation

rainmaker’s platform, The VISTA Tourism Network, has direct access to some 50 000 property details including images, videos, 360° tours, descriptions, amenities, facilities and much more. Thanks to the seamless integration with Tidy, rainmaker is able to deliver high quality, professional and perfectly optimized websites in record time. The website platform produces the fastest and best performing websites in the industry, enabling rainmaker customers to drive conversions into direct bookings.

White labelling

The Tidy core was deeply integrated with the VISTA Tourism Network in all aspects and with its integrations and enhancements marketed as the VISTA.canvas Digital Presence Service.

Extreme Focus on SEO

As a digital marketing expert and Google Agency, rainmaker has set very high standards when it comes to SEO, conversion optimisation and tracking. Each website’s Google PageSpeed score needs to be at least 95/100, as page speed is a key ranking factor in Google’s new mobile index.

Additionally, all websites use http2 by default for higher speed and optimized bandwidth use and SSL for improved security and better search engine ranking.

On the content side, apart from the perfectly set social meta tags, there’s a high focus on rich snippets, which give their customers a better CTR and thus might also improve their search engine ranking.

General Insights are implemented using Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager amongst some other methods for heat-mapping, user testing and A/B testing. Lead tracking and tracing is seamlessly handled by the direct marketing platform VISTA.journey.

Seamless integration

During the project Tidy was seamlessly integrated with 5 different platforms covering content, property management, direct marketing and guest feedback.  

As a result, room rates and availability are shown in real-time, the entire booking process is perfectly integrated, guest reviews are consolidated from 300 platforms in 30 languages and all leads are captured by the direct marketing platform.

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Tidy's key features & benefits

1. Speed up or fully automate website production

2. Increase your sales

3. Replace current platform

Create websites fast

Spend 30 minutes/website without compromising on quality.

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Semi-automatic creation

Move content from an existing site to a new template with a few clicks

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Auto-create websites

Auto-create websites using a content source, like a CRM

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Increase agency sales

Auto-creation enables a new, more efficient sales model

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Import 1000s of sites

Auto-creation enables a new, more efficient sales model

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